Lolicon Art

What is Lolicon Art? what’s all the fuss and controversy about?

Generally, Lolicon art include the sexual attraction to younger girls with youthful characteristics. Individuals who respond sexually to visual images of children and young people in this distinct and narrow age range, seen by the medical as having a harmless ‘Lolita Complex, may now be breaking an uncertain Lolita Complex law.
Lolicon Art
contain images and narratives involving romantic and erotic interactions, typically between an adult Individuals and young girls.

Feminists are claiming Lolicon Art, Manga and Anime should be classified as hate speech, and some new laws have been made.
In other words the attraction to fictitious (not real) artistic imagery of young fit sexually alluring characters, may now aparently be ilegal.

Is Lolicon defined as prepubescent sexually active girls?

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Here is what some have to say :

Courtesy : MyAnimeListForum off this article if like a year old and it’s from bloody Sankaku, so you should take it with a grain of salt.
Second there’s always gonna be some fake ass feminist somewhere trying to push their on twisted moral values onto other people by causing some sort of shit storm.
Lastly, who in their right minds would take a fictional piece of work seriously. Especially when the work itself isn’t even trying to be taken seriously. It’s one thing to bring up points of racism or sexism in a biblical text or a Mark Twain novel but this? What the fuck? modern feminism is a joke, nothing more than white noise. Its a damn kawaii drawing for entertainment. We are not gonna rape our screens.
Feminists are the cancer of this planet so they should be ignored or removed. Yes this comment was meant to offend them.


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 Lolicon Art "Are you already a criminal" lolicon-art/
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 Lolicon Art "Are you already a criminal" lolicon-art/
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 Lolicon Art "Are you already a criminal" lolicon-art/         Lolicon Art "Are you already a criminal" lolicon-art/        Lolicon Art "Are you already a criminal" lolicon-art/





Manga and Anime featuring Lolicon include the sexual attraction to younger girls and boys with youthful characteristics. Individuals may have a “Lolita complex” this describes an attraction to young or prepubescent boys and girls. Individuals with such a complex have an attraction, to Lolicon, Manga or Anime, the genre of Manga and Anime.

Type : ‘lolicon‘ into Bing Search, and you will be greeted with the link : “Child abuse material is illegal” this link will take you directly to, if you do click the link, some say your already a criminal.

Lolicon-Gollum Lolicon Art "Are you already a criminal" lolicon-art/

In similar way, type : ‘Lolicon-Gollum‘ into Google Search and  to you will be greeted with the link “If you find it report it – Child abuse imagery is illegal‎” with the link :‎ “Report it or find help here”
Of course if you do ask for help, with Google logging your every move, some say your a criminal again.

So there you have it from the mighty Google and Bing, even poor old Gollum in a cute girly dress is apparently illegal.
Actual child abuse must never be trivialised,  NoNudes has a Zero-Tolerance content policy against Illegal Gambling, Pornography and all material in violation of any applicable law or regulation of any type.
With that properly stated, some say this so called civilized world of ours, seems to be having a pediophobia piriod at this time, or is that a paedophobia or pediaphobia piriod?
One may also wonder if we will ever see the creation of the : ‘
thought police‘, some may wonder if we have already created them!


Liking Lolicon Means Your a Pedophile?! What?>:(?

I am SO tired of people saying that! I mean…really people? Are there really THAT many immature people in this world who automatically connect lolicon to pedophilia?! It’s ridiculous! The definition of pedophilia is “Sexual feelings directed toward children”. The definition of lolicon is “A show more.
Update: Just realized I wrote “(*couch, cough*” instead of “(*cough, cough*”. MY BAD!XD

Update 2: Somebody pointed out that “loli” meant “sexy little girls”. -.- *sigh* No, it does not. “Loli” is short for “lolita”, which means “young, pre-teen girls”. Also, I am not somebody who likes “lolicon”, I’m just supporting it because everybody should be treated equal.^^ It’s not fair that you should be treated show more.

The legal status of cartoon pornography depicting minors varies from country to countryshow more.

LOLICON is Fictitious, not real, Imaginary Imagery of Imaginary characters. “NOT REAL IMAGINARY IMAGERY”.

What do you think? please feel free to have your say and comment below.


Lolicon Art

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